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What Can You Do?
Fill the Storehouse

This March we are trying to distribute 3,000 seed loans to 3,000 NEW households who will participate in Cents for Seeds for the first time. 

Cents for Seeds enables women to have a sustainable income to provide for themselves and their communities, while learning about the best ways to care for their environment while they farm their crops.


As of Thursday, 18th March Ugandan President Museveni has issued a statement stating all community and religious gatherings of 10 people or more are banned and schools are closed, all for the remainder of the month. We admire his proactivity in getting ahead of any possible outbreak in Uganda.

We are in the middle of distributing 17,800 seed loans to women across northern Uganda. Usually this looks like multiple parish gatherings in numbers of 300 – 600 at a time. While Museveni’s rule will change the way this looks, it is affording us the opportunity to be innovative in the face of crisis. We are responding rapidly with our team to ensure that seed loans will be continue to be distributed with new parameters.

We need your help now more than ever. A simple $30 donation can help to fill the remainder of the storehouse so these loans can be distributed and families can begin farming. They are relying on us.


The first and easiest way you can support our projects in northern Uganda is to give. Any amount goes a long way, and will contribute to empowering communities out of poverty. Some specific impact amounts are below:

$30 – 30kg Cents for Seeds loan for one woman or man and their family

$50 – Essential Medical Supplies for the Kristina Health Centre

$90 – 90kg of Seeds will provide 3 Cents for Seeds loans

$250 – Repair a broken well and restore water to a community

$1,000 – 1,000kg of seeds will provide 33 women with a loan, impacting most of a village

$7,500 – build a new well in a remote village desperately in need of water

Corporate partnership

can reduce administration costs and increase impact in Uganda

A donation of $30

per month will provide 12 life changing seed loans to women in Uganda

Individual fundraiser's

help us raise awareness and become ambassadors for change

What Can You Do?
Become a Change Maker

What is a Love Mercy Change Maker?

As a change maker, you are part of impacting thousands of families across northern Uganda each year. Your small gift of $30 per month will provide 12 families with a 30kg loan of seeds. This loan will yield approximately 150kg of produce and empower a woman to support her family and continue harvesting year after year. We need your help to fund the project because with your contribution, communities in Uganda will become self sufficent.

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What Can You Do?
Donate to a friend

Friends or family fundraising? Click the button below to donate to their profile and help them change the world.

What Can You Do?

Become a Corporate Partner

A strategic alliance with Love Mercy Foundation can help your business engage in a corporate social responsibility program with a difference. Our grassroots campaigns can cater to the needs of your organisation, providing a valuable asset to your brand and image through positive public perception and media exposure, as well as contribute to your employee engagement program.

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Workplace Giving

It is understood that workplace giving programs have a positive impact on culture within the workplace, and encourage employee engagement.

Do you work in a large organisation?

Do you want to enrich the culture in your workplace, and create a community of people who feel they give back?

Check your organisation’s fundraising policies. Many companies will match your fundraising efforts dollar for dollar! Promoting your fundraising internally can increase your impact, and give people the chance to find their passion. We are also members of many Corporate Giving programs including Good2Give, and GoFundraise.

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This is Dorcas. When her 18 month old daughter Grace swallowed a nail, Dorcas didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have easy access to health care, and she had limited funds. She waited to see if the nail would pass, but unfortunately Grace deteriorated and started to cough badly. Dorcas hurried her to Lira hospital 25km away, where she was x-rayed and it was confirmed that the nail was lodged in Grace’s lung. Luckily Dorcas was able to draw a loan from her Village savings group that she joined as part of Cents for Seeds. Each woman saves money into a group fund that is able to give loans, paid back with interest, that is divided up between the group. Using her loan, Dorcas travelled to Mulago hospital where Grace had life saving surgery.
Artwork by River Bennett
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All proceeds fund Love Mercy's work in Uganda

Powerful story tellers

Founder Eloise Wellings is an inspirational public speaker and can offer your workplace, gathering or school an exceptional event or team building experience. As a dual Olympian, mother and humanitarian, the lessons she has learned from her journey are powerful and transferable across many different industries and challenges.

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Host an Event

Hold a breakfast or lunch event at your workplace with our key team members, including Eloise Wellings, Caitlin Barrett (CEO) or Cassi Jenkins (Project Manager), who can tailor their presentation based on your needs for a small leadership group or a special business network. It’s great motivation for your employees to hear our team and their amazing African experiences and can be a great basis for a team building event.

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What Can You Do?
Work With Us

Work With Us

Are you looking for a job that is not only challenging and fun but will also assist in bringing about real change for communities in Uganda? Here at Love Mercy, we strongly believe that one humble person can make a difference and that one person could be YOU! Work with us and be part of a vibrant, innovative and passionate team of individuals who wish to see empowered, thriving communities all across northern Uganda.

Current job vacancies

There are currently no paid vacancies on our team, however we are always on the look out for qualified volunteers. Please email your resume to